OTV Advance Functions

OTV Advance Functions

OTV Advance Functions

In this section we will discuss about other OTV function like STP isolation, Unknown Unicast traffic suppression, ARP optimization etc. We will discuss it one by one here.

STP Isolation:

OTV helps in STP isolation by not transmitting the BPDU across the Overlay. By this every site has its own STP domain and can use independent configuration.

But while doing, as soon as two OTV edge device is used chances of STP loop occurs. And also we will learn in details how STP loop is avoided in MultiHoming topology.

Unknown Unicast Handling:

OTV does not transport unknown unicast packet via Overlay. Unknown unicast packet can be flooded out to internal interface but later it can be controlled by STP.

When OTV edge device receives the unknown unicast frame, let suppose for destination MAC C, and while Layer 2 lookup it finds that there is no entry for MAC C on MAC table, Layer -2 traffic is flooded out to internal interface but on Overlay interface

ARP Optimization:

OTV performs the ARP optimization due to which the ARP flooded traffic can be reduced over Overlay.


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