Guest Sponsor Portal Configuration

Guest Sponsor Portal Configuration

 Guest Sponser Portal Configuration

Sponsors are those who create guest account for their guests, who needs limited network access or internet connectivity. Sponsors are allowed to create, send, and manage guest accounts. Here we will see how we can configure Sponsor related task.

ISE sponsor portal can be easily customized in order to fulfill each organization requirement. Sponsor Settings and Customization configuration screen located at Work Centers | Guest Access | Portals & Components. Sponsor Portals has two pages:

  • Portal Behavior and Flow Settings
  • Portal Page Customization

In this, most commonly used section are portal setting , Login setting , and AUP setting . Each section has its own set of setting that need to be configured as per requirement.

On the Sponsor Portal Page Customization, all other setting like Text, Color, theme, Graphics, button can be customized. This portal, also helps in customizing Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), Guest Notification message like emails, printed Credentials.

In order to customize the Portal behavior and Flow setting, Go to Work Centers | Guest Access | Portals & Components | Guest Portals.

Select and edit the default one or create new one. Below figure shows Portal behavior and flow setting page:

Now click on Portal page customization section, in below figure you can see all options.

In this section, you can use your own organization logo, Images. To view the changes you have done , Click on Desktop Preview hyperlink.

Guest Sponsor Portal Usage

In this section, we will focus on three topics:

  • Portal Layout
  • Creating guest Account
  • Managing Guest Account

Sponsor Portal Layout

In order to access the ISE sponsor portal , use the URL you configured example or use https://ISE PSN IP address with Portal : 8443/sponsorportal/.

Here you will see the sponsor Login page along with any customization you have done.

Once you login, you will see page as shown below, based on your privilege level.

Now go and review /update your sponsor setting. Click My Settings in the top-right corner. Set up your email address as a minimum.



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