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SD-WAN NSX VeloCloud

NSX SD-WAN  is the VMWare SD-WAN solution platform which provides the next generation software defined WAN flavor to legacy WAN. In this SDWAN velocloud training course you will learn what NSX SD-WAN is and what its benefits are. This course will teach you packet flow for each topic along with good pictorial representation of it.

From this VMWARE NSX Velocloud Training course you will not only learn the basic concepts but it will also enables you to learn all advance concepts of NSX SD-WAN VeloCloud features like Secure Overlay, Dynamic Multipath Optimization etc.

In this VMWARE NSX Velocloud Training Course has been designed in such a way that, it includes not only theory but also traffic flow of each related topics and its associated VeloCloud LABVelocloud LAB contains detailed scenerios alng with its recorded Solutions. 

SD-WAN is software defined Wide Area Network mostly used to provide accelerated service delivery , better application performance by utilizing multiple WAN links by automating  network deployment.

Course Pedagogy:

This Best SDWAN velocloud training Course Pedagogy will help you to learn the following concepts on NSX SD-WAN VeloCloud platform 

  • SD-WAN Overview & Architecture
  • SD-WAN VeloCloud Introduction
  • SD-WAN VeloCloud Components
  • SD-WAN VeloCloud Traffic Flow
  • SD-WAN VeloCloud Migration Strategies
  • SD-WAN VeloCloud Enterprise Solution & Design
  • SD-WAN VeloCloud Labs detailed scenerios alng with its recorded Solutions

Need for SD-WAN:

SD-WAN is needed to solve following business challenges:

  • High access cost for MPLS based network for better application performance
  • Branch deployments are complex in nature day by day
  • Issue faced due to static traditional Architecture while migration to dynamic and public cloud environments.

Challenges faced by using traditional WAN

  • Complex Static WAN Architecture and need to simplify WAN for enterprise Branch offices
  • Inefficient WAN utilization in case branch has multiple link  
  • Branch faces often insecure communication, even if uses IPSEC, causes latency due to larger packet size
  • Branches faces Rigid WAN circuit Requirement
  • Backhauling leading Performance issue of application
  • Expensive Traditional Private WAN links
  • Cloud Migration requirements

Features of SD-WAN:

Below are the features of SD-WAN:

  • SD-WAN visualize the network
  • It ensure the secure Overlay
  • It simplifies the Service Delivery
  • It is well interoperability with traditional WAN segments
  • It uses Low cost effective hardware
  • It supports automation and business policy framework
  • Enables Managed services like monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration
  • It provide zero-touch deployment of branches.

Note: ( Refer before Purchase )

  • We donot offer VMWare Cloud lab access for practice in this course for all labs mentioned. 
  • Lab discussed here contains different Scenarios, task & Its recorded Solutions. 
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  • Before any purchase , verify content then proceed,,No refund Policy. 
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    I have learned a lot about NSX SD-WAN from the course by DClessons. They have completely explained the topic in very simple language. I would rate this 5 on 5.

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    For those who are looking to have a detailed understanding of the NSX SD-WAN, this is a must-course for them. They have completed the course step by step. I would recommend this to everyone looking for good study material.


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