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AWS Certified Network Specialty

AWS Certified Advance Networking

This is the Best AWS CERTIFIED NETWORK SPECIALTY Training , in which you will learn all Advance Concepts of AWS Networking Exam. This Course Covers Exam objectives including AWS network designing, Deploying Cloud based Solutions, implementing core networking Services using best-practices, Leveraging tools to automate Network Configurations.

This Course enable you to pass AWS Advance Networking Exam: ANS-C00. This AWS Advance Networking  LABS Course has been designed in such a way that, it includes not only theory but also traffic flow of each related topics and its associated LAB in AWS CERTIFIED NETWORK SPECIALTY Training

The Course Pedagogy will help you to learn the following concepts on AWS Advance Networking Exam and provides you Best AWS CERTIFIED NETWORK SPECIALTY Labs also. 

  • AWS enabled Advance Cloud Networking
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and its Fundamentals
  • Advance Concepts of AWS VPC
  • AWS Virtual Private Network
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • Amazon Elastic Load balancing & its Types.
  • Amazon Cloud Front.
  • AWS Network Security Fundamentals
  • AWS Network Performance & Optimization
  • Automation on AWS Network
  • AWS Network Hybrid Architecture

AWS Networking Fundamentals:

In AWS, global infrastructure, Security and Compliance play major role. Here we will discuss both AWS global infrastructure, Security and compliance one by one.

Global Infrastructure:

AWS provides a high available technology platform infrastructure that scales across multiple location worldwide. This AWS Global Infrastructure enables traffic to move across or between Regions, Availability Zones, Edge Locations and Customer cross-connect locations.

AWS Global Infrastructure are divided in to Regions and Availability zones.

Below Figure explains AWS Global Infrastructure


A region is a separate geographical area where AWS operates all of its cloud services (Like EC2, Database, Storage, Network & Security and many more) as whole.

Each Regions are completely independent of each other in terms of:

  • Fault Isolation
  • Fault tolerance
  • Availability & Stability

Availability Zones:

Each region has multiple, isolated location called as Availability zones having one or more DC. Each availability zones are also isolated and are connected to each other via low latency, High Bandwidth fibre link. Each availability zones are powered by independent power grid to have power redundancy. Each Availability Zones are connected via redundant multiple tier-1 service providers.

The latency Between Each AZ are less than 2 ms.

By placing resources in separate availability zones customer can easily protect website or application from service disruption.

Below Figure describes the physical design of network devices places in each AZ.


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