VDC Types

VDC Types

VDC Types

In Nexus 7000 series switches, there are four types of VDC.

  • Default VDC
  • Non-Default VDC
  • Admin VDC
  • Storage VDC

Default VDC:

Default VDC is supported on Nexus 7000 Only, As soon as we boot the Nexus Device, we get login in to Default VDC.

All hardware resources of the switch belong to default VDC and Default VDC has ID 1.

Default VDC has following features:

  • VDC 1 is said to be Default VDC
  • Default VDC is used to create, Delete, and manages other VDC
  • Default VDC cannot be deleted
  • Via Default VDC we can allocate the Ports to Non-Default VDC.
  • Default VDC can be replaced to Admin VDC from Cisco NX-OS 6.1
  • Default VDC can interact with other VDC via management Plane.
  • System wide parameters like CoPP, NTP , and other configuration can be configured from Default VDC
  • Default VDC can also be used to install license.
  • Once Default VDC is reloaded, entire Switches gets reloaded.
  • Default VDC can be used for EPLD upgrades and also used for Ethanalyzer captures.

Non-Default VDC:

Those VDC which are created by default VDC and is used for daily Production traffic is said to be Non-Default VDC.

  • This Type of VDC is said to be fully functional and has all capabilities.
  • Any changes which is done on any Non-Default VDC is applicable to that VDC only.
  • Each Non-Default VDC has its own discrete Configuration File.
  • Discrete Checkpoints can also be used per VDC in Non-Default VDC
  • Non-Default VDC runs its own set of L2/L3 Protocol per VDC and thus provide Fault isolation.

Admin VDC:

To use Default VDC for production, we can now have ability to replace Default VDC to Admin VDC or Create Admin VDC at time of first time installation. When Admin VDC is created, one VDC per Sup also gets increases, you can check this in VDC licenses section. Purpose of Admin VDC is for administrative purpose only. As this VDC is used for administrative purpose, only management port will be its member.

Following are the benefits of Admin VDC:

  • Admin VDC is purely used for administrative purpose
  • Copp Configuration , VDC Creation, Suspension, deletion, interface allocation can be done by Admin VDC 
  • Port-channel configuration can also be done by Admin VDC
  • Admin VDC provides VDC level Security
  • Module control is also done by Admin VDC like Poweroff module and Out-Of-Service etc.
  • Admin VDC also manage License
  • Via Admin VDC you cannot perform L2/L3 features including routing protocols
  • Admin VDC has very Limited feature support like ntp, password, privilege, ssh, tacacs+, telnet etc.
  • Once Created , it can be deleted or cannot be changed back to Default VDC.

From NX-OS 6.1 admin VDC can be enabled at initial system boot up process on Sup2/Sup2e

From NX-OS 6.2(2) Sup 1 also started supporting admin VDC with same function like Sup2/2e modules. When it is enabled only mgmt0 port is allocated to admin VDC.


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