Unified Computing System (UCS)

As we know that Datacenter are built using different Components like Networking, Security, Compute, Storage, Monitoring System, Management System, along with different software and Application that provides necessary service to an Enterprise Business.

In this Cisco UCS Training , we will learn about Cisco Data Center UCS Hardware Models like Cisco UCS rack Servers , UCS B Series Blade Servers , UCS Manager , Fabric Interconnects  their hardware Architecture and its related topics.

This Cisco UCS Training, Course enables you to have complete knowledge about Cisco UCS product & its family. This Course also helps you to prepare for CCIE DC, CCNP – DC and CCNA –DC exams. This Cisco UCS Course provides Best Cisco 350-601 Implementing Cisco Data center Core Technologies DCCOR training and helps in passing Cisco DCCOR 350-601 Exam. 

This Cisco UCS LABS Course has been designed in such a way that, it includes not only theory but also traffic flow of each related topics and its associated LAB. This UCS LAB course also provide Best Cisco 350-601 Implementing Cisco Data center Core Technologies DCCOR labs along with Cisco 300-601 Designing Cisco Data centre Infrastructure DCID labs material. 

The Course Pedagogy will help you to learn the following concepts on Cisco UCS Data Center compute Hardware Platform which are part of Cisco DCCOR & DCID Exams. 

  • UCS Introduction & Architecture
  • Introduction to Cisco UCS Hardware Platform
  • Learn Cisco UCS Traffic Flow and failovers
  • Understand Cisco UCS Connectivity methods
  • Overview of Cisco UCS LAN & SAN Connectivity
  • Cisco UCS Identity & Resource Pool
  • Cisco UCS Service Profile and Cloning
  • How to configure UCS Role based Access Control
  • How to Perform UCS backup and Restoring
  • Management & Monitoring of Cisco UCS Compute Servers

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Servers Evolution on Datacenter

At Early 1990 there was tradition of Monolithic Servers which has large numbers CPU, Propriety OS with high cost and uses more space, Power in DC. These servers were part of First generation data centers

Later at Early 2000 tradition changed to commodity servers which has few CPU and on X86 Platform, commoditized OS and One application per Server which also contribute to high cost, Power and Space but respectively lesser than Monolithic servers. These Infrastructure were part of second generation datacenters

And in Todays scenarios third generation Datacenter and early 2005 onwards DC Servers models changes towards Virtualization where one Physical Servers host many virtual servers and each has different vCPU, RAM, OS and Application installed, which reduces cost, space, power utilization in comparison to Monolithic and commodity servers and are very cost effective. These physical servers come in form of rack Servers and Blade servers over which any hypervisor runs which in turn provides facility to create Virtual Servers.

Cisco around 2008, entered in to Server market, with product called UCS. It is the next-generation, highly integrated platform, for providing the needed computing resources, in flexible ways for the optimal utilization of the hardware computing resources through hardware abstraction.

Cisco UCS Use-cases

Cisco UCS Servers (Blade, Modular, Rack) can be used to deliver high performance, and provide workload for

  • Agile development environments requiring bare-metal servers
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications
  • Big data
  • Cloud-native applications
  • Content delivery
  • Cloud computing environments delivering containers, virtual machines, and bare-metal servers as a service
  • Database management systems
  • Gaming applications
  • GPU-accelerated AI/ML workloads
  • High-frequency trading
  • Hyper converged applications: Cisco HyperFlex™ nodes are based on Cisco UCS servers
  • In-memory databases
  • Internet infrastructure applications
  • Mission-critical enterprise applications
  • Mobile application back-end services
  • Virtualized environments

Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) is a fully self-aware, self-integrating system and is also 100 percent programmable, UCS system is flexible, agile, and UCS supports blade, rack, modular, multinode, and storage-intensive servers; converged infrastructure; hyper converged infrastructure (Cisco Hyper Flex™ systems); and solutions for the network edge such as Cisco UCS Mini and Cisco Hyper Flex Edge.

Business benefits of UCS

Because of its simplicity, automation, and capabilities, it not only increases productivity but also support a fast-paced business environment.

Below are some business benefits that an Enterprise can get using Cisco UCS solution.  

  • Improved staff productivity: By aligning your infrastructure with applications and the way teams work together, you can create synergies that can’t be achieved with other architectures.
  • Better use of IT staff: The common, simplified management of servers, storage, and fabric establishes best practices and eliminates the need to understand the nuances of specific components. You can use your subject-matter experts to develop policies and use lower-level administrators or operations personnel to implement policies.
  • Effective communication: Cisco UCS management improves communication between roles through cross-visibility and role-based administrative access.
  • Faster time to value: You can rapidly roll out new applications and business services at cloud-like speed and enhance the competitive strength of your enterprise.
  • Increased operational efficiency: You can automate many routine tasks, improve resource utilization, and proactively prevent manual errors that typically keep your IT staff from working on high-value tasks.
  • Improved flexibility and agility: The capability to automatically integrate additional resource capacity into larger, flexible pools helps ensure that your IT staff can achieve economies of scale and efficiency without greater complexity.

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