Cisco SASE Architecture

Cisco SASE Solutions: Secure Access Service Edge is a service which combines both networking and Security functions in cloud to deliver seamless, Secure access to applications from anywhere. SASE core functions comprises of following components: Software


SASE and SD-WAN are two distinct technologies used to connect geographically endpoints to Applications hosted centers. SD-WAN is an application of SDN, provides an overlay network to connect all remotely managed branch offices to Data Centers or central

What is SASE

What is SASE Gartner in August 2019 published a report on new innovative technology related to Security was – SASE, called as Secure Access Service Edge. After the report, some of the vendors like SD-WAN Vendors, Network Security vendors and some

Accessing Amazon S3 using AWS private Link in Secure hybrid method.

Accessing Amazon S3 using AWS private Link in Secure hybrid method. Now AWS has provided another option, using which we can securely access Amazon S3. This facility or service is called as AWS Private Link. It enables on-prim applications to access privately

Cisco Smart Licensing Policy

Cisco NX-OS Smart Licensing Policy Cisco has nor moved towards smart Licensing model starting from NX-OS 10.2(1) release. In this Cisco follows Smart Licensing along with Policy (SLP), which simplifies License activation, Mobility, Visibility and deployments. In

Cisco Certification – A Closer Deep-Dive Look

Cisco Certification – A Closer Look Recently Cisco has introduced variety of new Certification in each and every technology Space along with its Associate, Specialist, professional and Expert level. If We see deeper in to it, Cisco has refined

Cisco DNA-Spaces : Monitoring IOT Network

In today pandemic , it is very difficult by business to plan occupancy in office to provide safe and covid free environment to their employees. Now a days business are planning to integrate some good tool which can provide or give actionable insights

Compute in AWS Cloud

Compute in AWS Cloud Compute forms the nucleus of creating and executing business. AWS provides several compute products that allows to deploy, run, and scale applications as virtual servers, code, or containers. Compute Covers Simple

Understanding Key Datacenter Technologies and Solutions

Understanding key Datacenter technologies and Solutions: As we have growing in technologies, we are moving towards innovation and enhancement around all technologies in very fast manner, and same applies to Datacenter technologies. From Traditional

SDN Protocols

SDN is Open Flow - General Myth Reality: OpenFlow is the protocol that allows the SDN controllers to communicate with the forwarding plane of network devices. It is considered one of the first software-defined networking (SDN) standards. An SDN Controller