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Docker - DCA Exam

Docker & Container Overview:

This is the Best Docker training course will let you learn about Docker platform, and will help you to understand how Docker is installed in Linux OS and how Application is run via Container on Docker.

With this Docker certified Associate training course, you will be able to prepare for Docker Certified Associate Exam and this course will provide all deep dive information on all Docker concepts along with Best Docker labs online.

In this Docker training course following topics will help you to understand why we deploy Docker and use containers while deploying Applications using Docker labs provided here.

  • Docker Overview & Installing Docker
  • How Docker Engine Works
  • Docker Images Deep dive
  • How Container run on Docker
  • Containerizing an APP
  • Docker Compose while Deploying App
  • Docker Swarm Overview
  • Docker Networking Overview
  • Docker Volume Deep dive
  • Docker Stacks
  • Providing Security in Docker
  • Docker tools

What is VMware?

VMWare is virtualization Technology which virtualize all Physical Hardware like RAM, Hard-disk, Networking and Storage Adapters so that with the help of hypervisor, you can create various Virtual Machine and install any applications on it. Now each VM requires dedicated OS and each OS further consumes RAM, CPU and storage and its requirement increases with more heavy application. And In every cases each OS requires license which increase Cap-ex and Op-ex.

Now When VM starts it take time to boot and is very slow because OS takes time to upload on RAM and boot the server and load all necessary file to run any application.

These are some draw backs discussed above for using VM

What is Containers?

Containers full fills all drawbacks of VM and is bundle of standard unit of software, which contains all or every needed or required files needed to run an applications. These files or software that containers has are App code, runtime system tools, Libraries. We can say that Containers are executable package of Software.

Containers does not require full-blown OS and share the same OS kernel of Host machine which further frees up huge amount of RAM , CPU , storage required by OS and app system files. It also reduces Licensing cost and reduces patching overhead and maintenance.

Container has another huge advantage like they are movable from one server to any other server or cloud platform.

Linux Container & Window Containers:

Linux container are those container which run on Linux Host machine and share Linux Kernel , but it’s not as simple , it is also possible to run Linux Container on Windows machine like Docker for Windows can switch mode between window container and Linux Container. 

Windows container are available from Window 10 and Window Server 16 Platform. Window containers uses Windows Kernel and these window container can run App supported by Window Machine.

Docker an Idea:

Docker is a platform or layer which is used on any host machine to deploy different Linux or Window Container. This Platform is used to develop, Ship and run the application. With the Help of Docker , your infrastructure can easily manages as you manage your applications.


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  • You can build your own lab in Workstation , Procedure mentioned in Docker Overview & Installation Section and test the Scenerios mentioned.


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