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In this Aruba Production & Solution, we are going to provide a detail deep dive of all Aruba solution used for WiFi connectivity along with SD-Branch Solutions.

By reading this course, you will learn what are best the use-case to use Aruba Wireless Solution along with Aruba products capabilities, How to positions Aruba Solution and Where to Position Aruba Products and solutions.

Course Pedagogy

The Course Pedagogy will help you to learn the following concepts on Aruba Products & Solutions in details.

  • Aruba Wireless Solutions
  • Aruba Switching Solutions
  • Aruba Network Management
  • Aruba Location Services
  • Aruba Security Solutions
  • Aruba SD-Branch Solutions

Aruba uses Architecture approach to provide best user experience with its industry best wireless solution by defining micro-policy based on Context.

With its Intelligent Wireless Solution , Aruba able to track who is doing what , which application is running in which device and where the location of user who is accessing the application.

Aruba Provides software platform for Network Management, Security, Location Services, Analytics & Assurance. Aruba Products can be installed on on-Premises or managed in cloud.

Aruba Products & Solution can be Automated and Orchestrated to provide better business outcomes and good personalized experience for users, Aruba Products use AI to make policy enforcement, Provisioning, Monitoring and troubleshooting very easy.

Aruba Architecture consists of Aruba Experience Edge Platform which has been very well described in below figure.

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