LAB: Configuring OSPF & Features

LAB: Configuring OSPF & Features

Posted on Jan 24, 2020 (0)

LAB: Configuring OSPF & Features



  • Configure the L2 Vlan 100 on both N7k1 and N7k2 and configure the Port-channel trunk between two switches using LACP protocols
  • Configure Interface Vlan 100 IP on N7k 1 and N7k2
  • Configure the OSPF on Vlan 100 between two core switches use any AS number in area 0
  • Configure Following Loopback address on N7k1 Loopback0 : & Loopback1:, Use the loopback address as Router ID on both switches
  • Advertise these two loopback address on the OSPF in area 1
  • Advertise the Summery address from N7k1 towards N7k2
  • Configure the OSPF MD5 Authentication between N7k1 and N7k2  with Key CCIEDC


N7K-4-1# conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
N7K-4-1(config) # vlan 100
N7K-4-1(config-vlan) #
N7K-4-2# conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
N7K-4-2(config) # vlan 100
N7K-4-2(config-vlan) #
N7K-4-1(config) # feature interface-vlan
N7K-4-1(config) # feature lacp
N7K-4-1(config) # feature ospf
N7K-4-1(config) #
N7K-4-2(config) # feature interface-vlan
N7K-4-2(config) # feature lacp
N7K-4-2(config) # feature ospf
N7K-4-1(config) # int eth1/9-10
N7K-4-1(config-if-range) # channel-group 100 mode active
N7K-4-1(config-if-range) # no shut
N7K-4-1(config) # int po100
N7K-4-1(config-if) # switchport mode trunk
N7K-4-1(config-if) # no shut
N7K-4-2(config) # int eth1/9-10
N7K-4-2(config-if-range) # channel-group 100 mode active
N7K-4-2(config-if-range) # no shut
N7K-4-2(config-if-range) # exit
N7K-4-2(config) # int po100
N7K-4-2(config-if) # switchport mode trunk
N7K-4-2(config-if) # no shut

Verification 1: Verify Port-channel status:


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