Nexus 9000 Hardware Platform

Nexus 9000 Hardware Platform

Nexus 9500 Switch Series

In this section, we will learn about different Nexus 9500 Switch series along with its Various Supervisor modules , and Line cards.

Nexus 9500 Series switches have three Form factors

  • Nexus 9504 Switch
  • Nexus 9508 Switch
  • Nexus 9516 Switch

Below table describes the Nexus 9500 Chassis along with its Hardware capabilities.

Once we see the Nexus 9500 Switch Chassis Capabilities, let’s talk about Nexus 9500 Supervisor Module

Nexus 9500 Supervisor

Nexus 9500 Series support Four types of Supervisor

  • Supervisor A
  • Supervisor B
  • Supervisor A+
  • Supervisor B+

Below table shows the capabilities of each Supervisor

Nexus 9500 Line cards

Nexus 9500 Series Switch supports line cards in 100GE, 40GE, 10 GE. Each Line cards have different capabilities, let’s see one by one.

Nexus 9500 100GE Modules

  • It supports both NX-OS Agg and ACI Spine
  • Provides High Performance Interconnects.

Nexus 9500 40GE Line cards

Below are nexus 9500 40 GE Line cards capabilities

  • Leaf, Aggregation, ACI Spine
  • NX-OS and ACI
  • FEX Aggregation

Nexus 9500 10GE Line cards

Below are nexus 9500 10 GE Line cards capabilities


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