CATEGORY: Azure Architect & Design AZ-305

Azure Architect & Design AZ-305

Azure Solution Architect Expert - AZ-305 

Azure Solution Architect AZ-305 Training course is newly designed course for those who want to enhance their skills in Azure Design and Azure Technology. This Azure Solution Architect Expert course is best Best Az-305 Training , designed not only you to pass the AZ-305, but also makes you subject matter Expert in designing Cloud and Hybrid Solutions on Microsoft Azure.

This is the best Best AZ-305 Training , helps you to earn the deep dive knowledge on Azure and also provides the Best AZ-305 Labs to understand the Azure Platform.

In this course you will earn how to design the identity, governance, and monitoring solutions, Designing the data storage solutions, Designing business continuity solutions and Designing infrastructure solutions. This course is combination of AZ-303 and AZ 304

Course Pedagogy

The Course Pedagogy will help you to learn the following concepts on Azure Solution Architect, which has been rated as Best AZ-305  course online material.

  • Designing & Implementing Security and Identity
  • Designing network Services in Azure
  • Designing Compute Services in Azure
  • Designing and Learn about Data & Storage
  • Understand Hybrid , Compliance & Messaging
  • Designing Azure Cloud
  • Cloud Migration & Deploy.
  • Azure Monitoring & Recovery

Azure Cloud provides all three Services in nutshells

  • IaaS: Infrastructure as Service
  • PaaS: Platform as Service
  • SaaS: Software as Service

In Infrastructure as Service: Azure provides Network , Storage , Server , OS as managed Services and rest of the services , customer manages like : Application , Data , Runtime , Middleware.

In Platform as Service : Azure provides Network , Storage , Server , OS Runtime , Middleware as managed Services and rest of the services , customer manages like : Application , Data , Runtime , Middleware.

In Software as Service : In this Azure provides all support to all Services like Network , Storage , Server , OS Runtime , Middleware , Application , Data.

Azure Architecture :

Azure Architecture are basically divided in to two parts

  • Azure Physical Architecture
  • Azure Logical Architecture

Azure Physical Architecture  

Azure high available technology platform infrastructure that scales across multiple location worldwide. This Azure Global Infrastructure enables traffic to move across or between Regions, Availability Zones, Edge Locations and Customer  locations.

Azure Global Infrastructure are divided in to Regions and Availability zones.


A region is a separate geographical area where Azure operates all of its cloud services (Like EC2, Database, Storage, Network & Security and many more) as whole. There are approximately 60+ regions hosted across 140 Countries. Each regions may contain multiple Availability Zones with Data centers or may have no AZ and only have one to two DC.

Each Regions are completely independent of each other in terms of:

  • Fault Isolation
  • Fault tolerance
  • Availability & Stability

Availability Zones:

Each region has multiple, isolated location called as Availability zones having one or more DC. Each availability zones are also isolated and are connected to each other via low latency, High Bandwidth fiber link. Each availability zones are powered by independent power grid to have power redundancy. Each Availability Zones are connected via redundant multiple tier-1 service providers.

The latency Between Each AZ are less than 2 ms.

By placing resources in separate availability zones customer can easily protect website or application from service disruption

Azure Logical Architecture:

Azure Logical Architecture Contains creating User Account in Azure with following options:

  • By using Any Email Account
  • By Facebook Account
  • By Outlook Account.

When you create a Account you will get 1 month Free trail subscription but for not all Services hosted in Azure. You can use this free trail Account for POC or best Practices learning.

Another Model pay as you Go method is used , where what ever you will access or deploy in Azure , will be billed based on its usage. If you are not using any resource , better to shut it down.

Note: ( Refer before Purchase )

  • We don't offer Any Hands-On labs for practice in this course.
  • Lab discussed here contains different Scenarios, task & Its recorded Solutions. 
  • Content of each page is 30-40% visible for Customer verification about content.
  • Before any purchase , verify content then proceed ,No refund Policy. 
  • For More Detail : Mail , FAQ & TC page.


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