MP-BGP Spine Route-Reflector in ACI

MP-BGP Spine Route-Reflector in ACI

Configuring MP-BGP Spine Route Reflector

ACI uses MP-BGP protocol to distribute external Network subnets or prefixes inside ACI fabric. In Order to create MP-BGP route reflector, we must select two Spines, who will acts as Route Reflector and will create an iBGP Neighbourship to all other Leafs.

In Order to configure the BGP RR, below are some steps that needs to follow.

Step 1: From Menu bar, Select System | System Settings | BGP Route Reflector.

Step 2. On the right side of the work pane, select & use below steps:

  • Any AS number which is locally significant within the ACI fabric.
  • Add the two spine switch nodes that will be members of this BGP route reflector policy.
  • Click Submit.

Step 3. From Menu bar, Select Fabric |Fabric Policies | Pods | Policy Groups.

Step 4. On the right side of the work pane, select Actions | Create Pod Policy Group.


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