Configure Application Aware Routing

Configure Application Aware Routing

Posted on Jan 27, 2020 (0)

Configure Application Aware Routing

Task: In this Task, Some Traffic has been defined a Specific SLA class and has been paired with MPLS link on gi0/0 on BR2-VEDGE1. Some Traffic is paired with Internet Link gi0/1 on BR2-VDGE1. Configure a scenario in which whenever a latency is found on MPLS link Traffic is switched to Internet link.

To perform this Scenario, Configure the Below Task in vManage to achieve.



Go to Configuration | Policy | Centralized Policy | Add Policy | Click on Next on Create Group of Interest

Now you will be on Configure Topology and VPN Membership | Click on Topology | Click on Add Custom Control Topology | Name MultiTopology-VPN10-VPN20

Select Sequence Type Route | Name Route4VPN10 | VPN List: Corp-VPN | Action: Accept

Select Sequence Type Route | Name Route4VPN20 | VPN List: Secpci-VPN Site List: All-Branches   | Action: Accept, Set TLOC: DC-TLOCs

Default Action: Accept

Click on VPN Membership | Add VPN membership Policy | Name Drop-Guest-Wifi-Traffic | Site List: All-Branches, VPN List: Corp-VPN, Secpci-VPN | Save

Click Next to reach to Configure Traffic Rules | Click on Application Aware Routing | Add Policy | Create New | Name : dclessons-app-route-policy-vpn10

Configure all the Values mentioned in task for Traffic match, See below Figure

Click on Save Data policy | Click Traffic data | Add policy | Create New Name Deny-1918-Traffic | Sequence Type: Application FW Name Deny-1918-Traffic | Match Destination data IP Prefix: All-Prefixes | Action Drop

Select Default Action : Accept

Click on Save Data policy | Next to reach to Apply Policy to Sites and VPNs

Name dclessons-app-route | Click Application-Aware-Routing | under dclessons-app-route-policy-vpn10

New Site List & VPN List | Site List: All-Branches, All-DC-Hub | VPN List: Corp-VPN for both Sites

Click on Traffic Data | under Deny-1918-Traffic Select All-Branches and VPN List: Guest-VPN | Direction from Service

Click on Topology | Direction out | Site List: All-Branches | Save Policy

Now activate this policy

From Menu | Monitor | Network | BR2-VEDGE1| Select Real Time | On Device Option Select App Route Statistics

Now you will see columns showing Mean, Average, Latency, Loss, Jitter for each MPLS and Internet Circuit.

From Menu | Monitor | Network | BR2-VEDGE1| Troubleshooting | Simulate Flows | Select VPN 10 | Select Source Interface | Destination IP | Advance Option Select DSCP 46 | Simulate

In output you will see that traffic class with DSCP 46 will take MPLS link as it meets the SLA (Latency <=50 Ms and is preferred color).

Now Let’s Suppose MPLS links starts getting latency which you can verify via Monitor | Network | BR2-VEDGE1| Select Real Time | On Device Option Select App Route Statistics

Now you will see that traffic is switched from MPLS to Internet, Select Monitor > Network | BR1-VEDGE1 | Interface. | Real Time


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