Routing Configuration Example

Routing Configuration Example

Routing Configuration Example

In this section we will learn how Viptela behaves while configuring Viptela Routing components. Let’s see how unicast routing is enabled on Cisco Viptela Network which consists of one vBond, one vSmart, and two vEdge router at two sites.


IP address & Configuring Planning:

vSmart Controller Configuration

On the vSmart controller:

In first steps of Configure Viptela Routing , Configure the system properties of the vSmart controller:

vSmart1(config)# system system-ip
vSmart1(config-system)# domain-id 1
vSmart1(config-system)# site-id 50
vSmart1(config-system)# vbond

Configure the physical transport information:

Configure the IP address of the WAN-facing interface:

vSmart1(config)# vpn 0 interface eth4 ip address

Allow the interface to carry control-plane traffic:

vSmart1(config)# vpn 0 interface eth4 tunnel-interface

Enable the interface:

vSmart1(config)# vpn 0 interface eth4 no shutdown

Configure a default route to the WAN interface that connects to the transport cloud:

vSmart1(config)# vpn 0 ip route

Commit the configuration:

vSmart1(config)# commit

Full Configuration:

domain-id 1
site-id 50
vpn 0
interface eth4
ip address
no shutdown
ip route

vEdge1 Router Configuration

On the vEdge1 router:

OMP is enabled by default on the vEdge router. This branch network is running BGP, and we want to advertise BGP learned routes to the vSmart controller:


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