Network Optimization Overview

Network Optimization Overview

Network Optimization Overview

Cisco Viptela Network Optimization Overview solution includes the following

  • Cloud OnRamp for IaaS
  • Cloud OnRamp for SaaS
  • TCP Optimization

Cloud OnRamp for IaaS:

This Feature extends the fabric of Viptela network to public cloud instances which helps vEdge route to connect directly to public-cloud application providers.

This Connection between Overlay network and public-cloud application is provide by two redundant vEdge Cloud router work together as transit between overlay network and application.

This Cloud OnRamp for IaaS can be configured through vManage NMS server. VManage will automates the bring ups transit to a public cloud account and automates the connection between public-cloud application and the users of those applications at branches in overlay network.

Cloud OnRamp for SaaS:

Many SaaS service Providers provide cloud application such as Dropbox, Microsoft office 365, and salesforce etc. The factor which impact the performance of these applications are Network latency, jitter, packet loss etc and shifting traffic from one path to another manually.

Cloud Onramp for SaaS or commonly known as Cloud Express Service solves this issue by optimizing performance for SaaS applications , and on vManage dashboard , it provides clear picture and visibility in to performance of individual cloud applications and automatic chooses best Path. It calculates a value called as vQoE (Viptela Quality of Experience) which weighs loss and latency by using formula customized for each applications.

TCP Optimization:

It fine tune the processing of TCP data traffic to decrease round-trip latency and improve throughput and this optimization is done on service side VPN on vEdge routers which is very useful on long-latency links , VSAT communication systems .

TCP optimization are available on vEdge 1000, 2000, 5000 hardware routers.

With TCP optimization, vEdge router acts as a TCP proxy between client that initiates the flow and server that listen the flow.

Here, vEdge1 is acting as Client Proxy for Client Machine and vEdge2 is acting as Server Proxy for Server Machine. Without TCP optimization, client establish the TCP connection directly to server, but as soon as TCP optimization is enables , TCP connection originated by Client machine is terminated on Client Proxy vEdge Router and vEdge router will initiate the another TCP connection to Server Proxy vEdge router and from  Server Proxy vEdge Router another TCP connection is created to Server. These two vEdge router cache the TCP traffic in their buffer to ensure that traffic from client to server reaches successfully without TCP connection time out.

When you configure TCP optimization, it must be configured on both vEdge Router. Which is closer to client and Server. When both Client and Server are connected to same vEdge Router, no TCP optimization is required.

To use TCP optimization on a vEdge router, you must enable it:

vEdge(config-system)# tcp-optimization-enabled

Optimize TCP in a VPN

To enable TCP optimization for all TCP traffic in a VPN, include the following command when configuring service-side VPNs on a vEdge router:

vEdge(config-vpn)# tcp-optimization

For example, to enable TCP optimization in VPN 1:

vEdge# show running-config vpn 1
vpn 1
interface ge0/4.1
ip address
no shutdown

Optimize TCP for a Flow

To enable TCP optimization for a specific flow of TCP traffic in a VPN, create a centralized data policy that includes the tcp-optimization action. Use the match conditions in the data policy to define the VPN in which to optimize the TCP traffic and the traffic properties to match.

The following example enables TCP optimization on all TCP traffic destined to port 22, which is used for SSH sessions.

vSmart# show running-config policy data-policy tcp_optimization_data_policy
data-policy tcp_optimization_data_policy
vpn-list vpn_2
sequence 100
destination-port 22
action accept
count sample_count
default-action accept
vSmart# show running-config apply-policy
apply-policy site-list tcp_optimization_sites data-policy tcp_optimization_data_policy all



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