Configuring Bridging & IRB

Configuring Bridging & IRB

Configuring Bridging & IRB ( Configuring Viptela Switching )

In the configuring Viptela Switching , Let’s see how to configure the Bridge Domain and How BD are marked with VLAN tag or untagged.

Create a Bridge Domain with VLAN Tagging

When a BD is tagged with VLAN, the packet sent by domain, this VLAN ID is inserted in frame.

This tagging helps vEdge router to determine which interface it should send broadcast packet.

Now to configure BD with VLAN tag, first create the BD and assign the VLAN tag to this domain and further associate an interface on to it.

Create a bridging domain:

vEdge(config)# bridge bridge-id

Tag the bridging domain with a VLAN ID: range is 1 to 4095

vEdge(config-bridge)# vlan number

Associate an interface with the bridging domain, and enable that interface ( only physical interface and not sub-interface )

vEdge(config-bridge)# interface geslot/port
vEdge(config-interface)# no shutdown

Once physical interface is added to VLAN , following are the optional parameters.

Configure a description for the VLAN interface, to help identify the interface in operational command output:

vEdge(config-bridge)# interface geslot/port
vEdge(config-interface)# description "text description"

Configure a static MAC address for the VLAN interface:

vEdge(config-interface)# static-mac-address aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Configure a name for the VLAN, to help identify the VLAN in operational command output:

vEdge(config-bridge)# name "text description"

By default , a bridge domain can only learn up to 1024 MAC address , but this range can be modified to 4096.

vEdge(config-bridge)# max-macs number

By default, MAC table entries age out after 300 seconds (5 minutes). You can modify this to a value from 10 through 4096 seconds:

vEdge(config-bridge)# age-time seconds

Here is an example configuration:

vEdge# config
vEdge(config)# bridge 3
vEdge(bridge-2)# vlan 37
vEdge(bridge-2)# interface ge0/2
vEdge(interface-ge0-4)# no shutdown
vEdge(interface-ge0-4)# description "VLAN tag = 37"
vEdge(interface-ge0/4)# commit and-quit
vEdge# show running-config bridge
bridge 3
vlan 37
interface ge0/2
description "VLAN tag = 37"
no native-vlan
no shutdown

Once an interface is configured in BD then to add or change the VLAN ID for that BD, DB must be deleted and then reconfigure the domain with correct VLAN ID.

To see which interface Bridging is working:

vEdge# show bridge interface

Create a Bridge Domain with an Untagged VLAN

When a BD is not tagged with any VLAN, all frame sent from this BD is sent untagged.


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