SD-WAN Service VPN Configuration & OMP

SD-WAN Service VPN Configuration & OMP

Posted on Jan 27, 2020 (0)

SD-WAN Service VPN Configuration & OMP

Task: In this lab perform the following task

  • Display the routes on any vEdge Router and see the OMP TLOC routes and which OMP peers it has formed the control connection.
  • Configure the Following Task in each vEdge Router given below and then Verify that these networks advertised on other routers.

  • Verify the connectivity by pining the service VPN network
  • Test OMP feature by not configuring advertise connected on vEdge-004 , and then Verify the Service VPN network on vEdge-003 and test the connectivity.
  • Now Advertise the Connected network on OMP and again verify the service Network on VPN 1 from vEdge-003
  • On vEdge-003 configure Gi0/0 under VPN 0 as color Gold and Verify its effect on vEdge-001.



SSH to vEdge-001 and verify the routes is has in its routing table. The only routes that are available at this point are routes responsible for WAN Transport connectivity – VPN 0. Internal prefixes are not available as of yet due to the absence of a Service VPN. VPN 0 used for transport and management whereas creating other vpns such as 1 is needed in order to establish an Overlay.

Verify the TLOC routes on vEdge router by using show omp tloc command, this command will show you the TLOC routes received from various vEdge routers and its status is UP.

OMP establish a connection with the vSmart controllers, and advertise the static and connected routes.

Now configure the Service VPN Network mentioned in task by following command:

Verify that Service VPN1 Loopback interface prefixes are advertised by each router by OMP and these routers are installing in its route table.

Now to verify the connectivity ping any loopback interface of vEdge router and Verify.

Now to see how OMP work, remove the advertise connected command from OMP as mentioned in below figure on vEdge-004:

Once done, vEdge-004 will stop advertising the Loopback prefixes to other router and other vEdge like vEdge-003 will not be able to reach.

Now once again, configure the advertise connected under OMP on vEdge-004 and you will see that vEdge-004 will start advertising the to all other vEdge and other vEdge are now able to reach.

On vEdge-001 verify the OMP characteristics about how may routes are sent, received by below command

Now configure the Color Gold on WAN interface of vEdge-003 and once it is done, and keep all other vEdge WAN interface color default, once you do that you will see, all those WAN routers who has default color will advertise its prefixes with color Default

Whereas vEdge-003 will advertise the Prefixes with Color Gold.


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