SD-WAN Dashboard Basic Walk-Through

SD-WAN Dashboard Basic Walk-Through

SD-WAN Dashboard Basic Walk-Through

Task: Login to Cisco Viptela vManage Dashboard and explain some main functions on it.



Launch the vManage GUI using username admin and password admin, once you login a vManage dashboard will be opened which will show the following:

In above figure you will notice that the vManage contains following device learned:

  • 2 vSmart Controllers
  • 2 vBond Controllers
  • 6 vEdge Cloud devices
  • 1 vManage Controller

Now on below you will see the following options:

Control Status: It displays OMP running devices status (if the OMP running devices are UP that means 2 vSmart and 6 vEdge)

Site Health View: it tells about the connectivity health between SD-WAN sites.

Transport Interface Distribution: It describes the Link and its speed which we have in overlay network

vEdge Inventory: Displays how many total vEdge devices in vManage are licensed for and how many are deployed

vEdge Health: vManage Monitors device health of all vEdge devices in each site

Transport Health: Monitors if underlay transports are up and running

Top Applications: Displays the Top Applications in terms of usage of the SD-WAN fabric

Application Aware Routing: Displays top applications in terms of usage of SD-WAN fabric. 

This lab section will help you to prepare for 300-415 ENSDWI training labs  which are required to clear 300-415 ENSDWI exam lab exbhits. 



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    This is a high-quality course on the sd wan dashboard. It will help you give a walk-through of the entire dashboard setup in a very simple step-by-step guide. It has helped me gain a lot about the course.

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    I have learned a lot about the usage of  SD-WAN fabric from the course. It has given me the courage to talk confidently in front of my senior executive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.


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