SD-WAN Deployment Option & Licencing

SD-WAN Deployment Option & Licencing

Posted on Jan 27, 2020 (0)

SD-WAN Deployment Option & Licencing

Cisco SD-WAN can connect to any transport and each vEdge router have almost 7 interface which can provide connectivity to different WAN circuits

Controller Deployment Method:

Controller can be deployed in following defined method:

  • On Premise
  • Hosted Environment

vEdge Cloud Virtual Routers deployment Method

VEdge can be deployed in following different method

Cisco/Partner Managed Service: AWS Instances

Cisco SD-WAN components can also be deployed on AWS instance on cloud, some brief deployment option are given below

vBond Orchestrator Server Recommendation:

Below are the Server requirement to run vBond orchestrator on VMware ESXi or KVM server. It is depends on the number of devices you deploy in overlay network

vEdge Cloud Router Server Recommendation:

Below table lists about resource required for vEdge Cloud router on ESXi or KVM server.

vManage NMS Server Recommendation:

Again the resource required to run vManage on ESXi or KVM server vary depending upon number of devices you deploy in overlay network

If you have small overlay network with small number of devices , but they generate large number of DPI or Cflowd data than it is recommended to use device specification given for 251 to 1001 or more devices

vSmart Controller Server Recommendation:

The resources required to run vSmart controller on ESXi or KVM server depends upon number of devices you deploy in overlay network. Following are vSmart Controller Server recommendation:


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