SD-WAN Solution Overview & Components

SD-WAN Solution Overview & Components

Posted on Jan 27, 2020 (0)

SD-WAN Solution Overview

With Cisco SD-WAN Solution, it provide separation in each level like

  • Separation in Orchestration
  • Separation in Management Plane
  • Separation in Control Plane
  • Separation in Data Plane

Cisco Viptela Architecture is defined in different layer. With each layer it has specific functions like described below:

  • The Orchestration layer or plane provides automatic onboarding of SD-WAN routers in SD-WAN enabled Overlay
  • The Management plane helps in central configuration and monitoring of SD-WAN components and Overlay
  • The Control Plane is helpful in building and maintaining network topology and based on control plane takes decision for all traffic flows
  • The Data plane is responsible for forwarding data traffic based on decision taken from control plane

Below is the Overview diagram for Cisco Viptela Architecture solution plane:

Now let’s go in deep dive for each SD-WAN plane and its mapping components:

SD-WAN Components:

In Cisco Viptela Architecture solution, the following are the components used:

vBond (Orchestration plane )

  • It is the Orchestrates control and management plane that is vSmart and vEdge
  • vBond is software based components provides first point  or initial authentication (white-list model) to all vEdge devices
  • vBond distributes list of vSmarts/ vManage to all vEdge routers
  • vBond Facilitates NAT traversal also requires public IP Address [could sit behind 1:1 NAT]
  • Highly resilient in nature

vManage ( Management Plane )

  • Single pane of glass for Day0, Day1 and Day2 operations
  • Multitenant with web scale
  • Centralized provisioning to configure all Cisco SD-WAN Devices via Policies and Templates
  • Troubleshooting and Monitoring all Cisco SD-WAN devices
  • It hepls in Software upgrades
  • GUI with RBAC
  • Programmatic interfaces (REST, NETCONF)
  • Highly resilient

vSmart ( Control Plane )

  • Facilitates fabric discovery and establish secure connection to each vEdge routers
  • Dissimilates control plane information between vEdges via OMP
  • Distributes data plane and app-aware routing policies to the vEdge routers
  • Implements control plane policies, such as service chaining, multi-topology and multi-hop
  • Dramatically reduces control plane complexity
  • Highly resilient

vEdge ( data Plane )

  • WAN edge router
  • Provides secure data plane with remote vEdge routers
  • Establishes secure control plane with vSmart controllers (OMP)
  • Implements data plane and application aware routing policies
  • Exports performance statistics
  • Leverages traditional routing protocols like OSPF, BGP and VRRP
  • Support Zero Touch Deployment
  • Physical or Virtual form factor (100Mb, 1Gb, 10Gb)


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