Customize ISE Profiling Configuration

Customize ISE Profiling Configuration

Customize ISE Profiling Configuration


Below is the topology provided to configure in lab


Perform below task as per above topology.

  • Configure Profiler Service to use profiling data to make policy determination.
  • Examine Profiled Endpoint data.
  • Create Logical Profile and use this as identity condition for authorization policy.
  • Create Custom Profile policy based on observed Endpoint Data.


Navigate to Admin PC and Access to ISE, Navigate to Context Visibility | End Points | Click on to the vWLC and go to other attributes.

Verify the Endpoint Source: SNMP Query Probe. 

Profile Guest PC:

Login to Guest PC | Navigate to Network and Sharing Center | Click Change Adapter Setting | Enable the Wired NIC, Wait for some time and Check Details

Access ISE GUI and Navigate to Context Visibility | Endpoints and Refresh the Button, Here you will see Guest PC MAC address

Create Logical Profile:

Navigate to Work Center | Profiler | Profiling Policies | Select the Logical Profile | Click ADD


Configure the Logical Profile as per below snapshots | Click Submit.

Create New Authorization Policy for Logical Profile.

Navigate to Policy | Policy Set | Wireless Access Policy Set | Expend the Authorization policy and configure the policy as per below figure. | Click Use once you configure Authorization Policy.


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