Configure Client Provisioning

Configure Client Provisioning

LAB:Configure Client Provisioning


Below is the topology provided to configure in lab


Perform below task as per above topology.

  • Review Client Provisioning Setting
  • Configure ISE to Perform Automatic Posture updates and initiate Manual update.
  • Configure ISE to utilize the NAC Agent and Create an associated NAC Agent Posture Profile
  • Configure ISE to utilize Cisco AnyConnect Unified Client and Create an associated profile and AnyConnect Configuration
  • Configure Client Provisioning Policies in Cisco ISE


Client Provisioning Setting:

In this Section we will review Client Provisioning Setting. Navigate to WorkCentre | Posture | Client Provisioning. Make sure that the configuration should match the below screen shots.

Download Resource to your PC

In the admin PC, use your Firefox file to download following files.  

  • anyconnect-win-4.3.01095-k9.pkg
  • annyconnect-win-compliance-3.6.10643.2.pkg

And also download following XML files

  • anyconnect-VPN-disable.xml
  • anyconnect-NAM-EAP-FAST.xml

Add Resource to ISE:

Navigate to WorkCentre | Posture | Client Provisioning | Resources | Click ADD

Select Category: Cisco Provided Packages. Browse and Select any one of the Pkg one by one and Clik open | Click Submit | Click Confirm

Use below figure as reference:

Once all pkg is installed, we will use same operation to create the acNAM Profile: Customer Created Agent Resource Package.

Use below figure as reference for acNAM Profile


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