LAB: Deploying Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replica, check Failover

LAB: Deploying Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replica, check Failover

LAB: Deploying Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replica, check Failover


In this LAB, we will Create Amazon Aurora RDS DB Instance with Multi-AZ enabled, and we will failover the master DB to see how Read Replica becomes master and has all Primary DB data.

Step1: Launch EC2 Instance

Navigate to AWS Service | Select EC2 Instance | Click on Launch Instance

Choose an Amazon Linux 2 AMI and Select button | Choose Instance Type: t2.micro and Click | Configure Instance Details

Under Configure Instance Details:

  • Network: Select default available VPC
  • Subnet: Default selected
  • Auto-assign Public IP: Enable - It should be enabled because the public IP is needed for connecting to EC2 via SSH.
  • Click on: Advance Details  
  • Under the User datasection, enter the following script, (which installs MySQL):

#!/bin/bash -ex 

yum install mysql -y

Add Storage: No change | Click on next Add tags | name  and value Dclessons-RDS-EC2 | Click on Configure Security group

On Configure Security group :

Click | Create a new Security Group | Name: Dclessons-RDS-SG | Allow SSH with Source

Click on review and launch | review all Setting | Launch

Under Key par : Select new kay pair  with name you want and click on Download key pair and save it to your local machine.

Once Downloaded , Click on Launch Instance and after 1-2 Minute your instance will be in running state.

Task 2: Create a Security group for RDS Instance

Select EC2 Instance Service | on Left Menu | Select Security group under Network & Security Section | Click Create Security Group

  • Security group name : Enter Dclessons-RDS-SG-new
  • Description : Enter Security group for RDS Aurora
  • VPC : Select your VPC
  • Type : Select MYSQL/Aurora
  • Source : Select Custom
  • In the textbox add

Leave Everything default and Click on create Security group button.

Task 3: Create Amazon Aurora DB with Multi-AZ enabled.

Under AWS Services | Click on RDS and click on Create databases

Under Create Database | Select Standard create | Engine Type : Amazon Aurora | Edition: Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition | Capacity Type: provisioned

Replication Feature: Single Master | Version : Default : (Aurora (MYSQL 5.7) 2.07.2) 

Template: Dev/test | Setting : DB Cluster Identifier: Dclessons-Aurora-Cluster | Provide Credential of your choice

DB Instance Class : burstable Classes : db.t3small | Availability & Durability : Choose Multi-AZ deployment: Create Aurora Replica or Reader node in a different AZ

Under Connectivity : Choose Default VPC | Subnet group : Default | Public Access : Yes | VPC Security group : Choose Existing : Dclessons-RDS-SG-New | Database Port : 3306

Under database Option: Initial DB name: dclessonsrds| Encryption: Disable and keep all parameter default


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