LAB Configuring Network Load Balancers

LAB Configuring Network Load Balancers

LAB Configuring Network Load Balancers

To create your first Network Load Balancer, complete the following steps.


  • Before You Begin
  • Step 1: Choose a Load Balancer Type
  • Step 2: Configure Your Load Balancer and Listener
  • Step 3: Configure Your Target Group
  • Step 4: Register Targets with Your Target Group
  • Step 5: Create and Test Your Load Balancer
  • Step 6: Delete Your Load Balancer (Optional)

Before You Begin

  • Decide which Availability Zones you will use for your EC2 instances. Configure your virtual private cloud (VPC) with at least one public subnet in each of these Availability Zones. These public subnets are used to configure the load balancer. You can launch your EC2 instances in other subnets of these Availability Zones instead. Here we have used the Availability zone : us-east-2c with public subnet which is used in configuration on last lab .
  • Launch at least one EC2 instance in each Availability Zone. Ensure that the security groups for these instances allow TCP access from clients on the listener port and health check requests from your VPC. We have launched one EC2 instance in VPC dclessons-vpc. And all TCP port from outside to inside.

Step 1: Choose a Load Balancer Type

Elastic Load Balancing supports three types of load balancers. For this tutorial, you create a Network Load Balancer.


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