Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is very low cost storage service that provides durable, secure and flexible storage for data archiving and online backups. It is mostly used for infrequent accessed data and its retrieval time is three to five hours.

It has following features:


In Amazon Glacier data is stored in archives, and it contain up to 40 TB of data. Each archive has unique archive ID at the time of creation. All Archive are automatically encrypted and cannot be modified.


Vaults are containers for archives, each AWS account can have up to 1000 vaults and its access can be controlled by IAM policies or vaults access policies.

Vaults Locks:

You can easily deploy and enforce compliance controls for individual Amazon Glacier vaults with a vault lock policy. You can specify controls such as Write Once Read Many (WORM) in a vault lock policy and lock the policy from future edits. Once locked, the policy can no longer be changed.

Data Retrieval:

You can retrieve up to 5% of your data stored in Amazon Glacier for free each month, calculated on a daily prorated basis. If you retrieve more than 5%, you will incur retrieval fees based on your maximum retrieval rate. To eliminate or minimize those fees, you can set a data retrieval policy on a vault to limit your retrievals to the free tier or to a specified data rate.


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