LAB NSX Manager Installation

LAB NSX Manager Installation

Posted on Jan 17, 2020 (0)

LAB NSX Manager Installation


Configure the Following as per given task:

  • Deploy the NSX Manager OVA over RegionA01-MGMT01 Cluster in ESXi esx-04a.corp.local.
  • Register NSX Manager nsxmgr-01a with vCenter vcsa-01a.corp.local
  • Prepare a vSphere Cluster for NSX and its registration with vCenter.
  • Deploy NSX Controllers (all three specification given in Solution task.
  • Prepare Hosts to install the VIBs and Configure and verify VXLAN Tunnel End Points (VTEPs) and Create VXLAN Network Identifier Pools (VNIs) with range 5000 to 5999.
  • Create Transport Zones
  • View the health of your NSX environment with the NSX Manager Dashboard


Deploy the NSX Manager OVA over RegionA01-MGMT01 Cluster in ESXi esx-04a.corp.local.

Login to the vSphere Web Client with valid credential. Here we will deploy NSX Manager over the RegionA01-MGMT01 Cluster.

  • Click on the Hosts and Clusters icon | Right click on RegionA01-MGMT01 cluster and select to Deploy OVF Template.

  • Make sure that you have integrated the VMware Client Plug-in installed locally else you will be prompted to install it before proceeding
  • Click on the Local file radio button and then click the Browse button to select the file.
  • Select NSX Manager OVA File from your local machine which you have downloaded from VMWARE site and then click Open.
  • Click Next to continue further.

Click on the name field and enter nsxmgr-01a, it will be the host name of NSX Manager and then click Next to continue.

  • Expand the RegionA01-MGMT01 cluster and select esx-04a.corp.local ESXi host then click Next to continue further. This may take a sometime as file is validated.


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