NSX Edge Service Gateway

NSX Edge Service Gateway

NSX Edge 

NSX Edge is a virtual machine or appliance and can be deployed by NSX Manager as OVF in that vCenter which is paired with NSX Manager.

When NSX Edge is deployed independently of NSX manager via a standalone mode and it is called as Standalone NSX Edge. This standalone EDGE is deployed by OVF which is obtained from NSX manager, and its initial configuration id done at time of deployment only.

The main purpose of the NSX Edge is to manage or handles the control and data plane and this NSX edge never communicates with NSX Controller.

Below figure demonstrate the logical view of the EDGE device which is doing routing between various virtual and physical network. The Edge when is placed between border of physical and virtual network is called as Perimeter Edge and the VLAN that connect between physical network and virtual network is called as Edge VLAN.

NSX Edge Size:

Below is the option which can be deployed or allowed by NSX Manager for deployment of the NSX Edge Virtual Machine size.

Below figure demonstrate NSX Edge service and feature limits per NSX domain:

Below figure demonstrate NSX Edge Service and feature per Edge Size.


NSX Edge is deployed in NSX HA mode. When we want to configure Edge is HA, two Edge should have identical configuration and should be powered on.

 It is the responsibility of NSX manager, to make any one of the NSX Edge is active and these NSX Edge send keepalive msg over HA interface. It is the responsibility of NSX Active Edge to share sync data and Table to NSX Standby. If the NSX Active stop communicating and if dead times expires than NSX standby becomes the NSX Active and as soon as original NSX active is operation role, it takes the standby role.

Dad timer: 15 Sec and can be changed to min 6 sec. 


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