AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect

It is a AWS service, through which a dedicated connection can be established between Sites (DC, Offices, Colocation Centers) and AWS. It is a dedicated connection with bandwidth of 1Gbps/10Gbps. This dedicated connection can also be taken by using AWS Direct connect partners, that have already established an interconnect with AWS. 

AWS Direct Connect Physical Connectivity:

There are two options we can use to connect our On-prem location to AWS:

  • AWS Direct Connect Location
  • AWS Direct Connect Partner

AWS Direct Connect Locations:

These are third party colocation provider’s locations, called as Carrier Neutral Facilities (CNF) or Carrier Hotels. The list of these CNFs is maintained on AWS Website in AWS direct connect product detail page. Each AWS direct connect location have at least minimum of two AWS devices.

These Location host multiple devices, which is used to provide physical connectivity from Client location to AWS. These equipment are connected to AWS Global network, which provides you resilient connectivity to all AWS Regions except China.

A Client can establish multiple physical connection to AWS via same location, in which AWS makes best effort to provision each connection automatically for an account on independent AWS device. If different accounts are used for each connection, then AWS management console can help to identify on which AWS device a connection terminates. 

Dedicated Connection:

In AWS Direct Connect Location, AWS device provide dedicated port bandwidth of 1Gbps and 10 Gbps, by providing Single Mode Fiber ports on AWS equipment.

Ports for 1gbps uses 1000base-LX SFP and 10 Gbps port uses 10Gbase-LR.

In order to connect to the AWS ports, either you can put your own device at same location with similar capabilities, or you can also use equipment provided by AWS direct Connect partner.

Provisioning Process:

You can set up AWS direct connect connection in following ways:

  • At a AWS Direct Connect Location
  • Through a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), or a network Carrier
  • Through a hosted connection provided by member of APN.

How to request a Connection?

It is a self-service procedure, and is fully documented in the AWS Direct Connect user guide.

Below are steps to request a connection

  • Identify a Region you wish to connect
  • Identify related specific AWS Direct connect location in that region.
  • Use any method, AWS Console, API or AWS CLI to request a connection.

Download Letter of Authorization:

Once applied, AWS will provide your port within 72 hrs.

Download the letter of Authorization – Connecting Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA) . This document provides specific demarcation details for your assigned port with in facility.

Cross-Connect to AWS Port:

AWS Direct Connect Location uses cross-connects to connect to your organization and their own facilities. These Cross Connects are typically passive fiber connection between AWS equipment and your equipment or between AWS equipment and AWS Direct connect partner equipment.


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