LAB: Configure Network Loadbalancer

LAB: Configure Network Loadbalancer

LAB: Configure Network Loadbalancer

Task :

In this lab We will Configure Elastic network load balancer , along with Two EC2 instance , in one Instance it will run Apache and On Another Instance it will Run Tomcat and via Load balancer we will load balance traffic between these two Servers.

Step 1: Launch 2 EC2 Instance and Install Apache and Tomcat

Install Two Ubuntu instance , SSH to one of them and run command to install Apache

Sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install apache2

Once done Access the public DNS of EC2 instance on browser to see Apache Working

SSH to Another EC2 Instance

Now for Tomcat | Go to Tomcat Site Select the Correct Version | Put Cursor on tar and left click to copy its URL

Use below commands , shown in figure to install GRE and then Tomcat

Now use the same copied link to download the Tomcat file in EC2 and then Unzip it | After Unzip move that file  to tomacat9 and from that tomcat9 | verify to see the Bin file | From Bin : Start the Tomcat Service

Browse the Public IP address of the Tomcat EC2 instance

Step 2: Configure target Group

Under EC2 Instance | Go to Load Balancing | Select target Group | Click Create Target Group

In Specify Group Details | Basic Configuration: Select Type Instance | Target Group Name: ApacheTG , Protocol TCP , Port 80

Under VPC : Select Default VPC | Leave Default Setting | Select Next

Under Register Target | Click Create target Group


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