LAB :Configure Transit Gateway Peering between Two VPC

LAB :Configure Transit Gateway Peering between Two VPC

LAB: Configure Transit Gateway Peering between Two VPC

Create 2 VPC with a public and private subnet. Launch EC2 Instances in both VPC and establish peering between them.


Refer below Topology to enable peering between two VPC via Transit gateway.


  • Create the VPC Dclessons-prod-VPC with CIDR in N Virginia region.
  • Create a Public subnet DCLESSONS-PROD-SUBNET (10.10.0/0/24) in Dclessons-prod-VPC
  • Create and attach an Internet Gateway in Dclessons-prod-VPC.
  • Create a Public Route Table Dclessons-Default-Prod-RT and associate it with the subnet
  • Add public Route pointing to IGW in the Route table Dclessons-Default-Prod-RT
  • Launch an EC2 instance in the Dclessons-prod-VPC
  • Create a Second VPC DCLESSONS-DEV-VPC with CIDR in Ohio Region.
  • Create a Private subnet Dclessons-Dev-Subnet ( in DCLESSONS-DEV-VPC
  • Launch an EC2 instance in DCLESSONS-DEV-VPC
  • Create a Transit gateway. Create two Transit gateway attachment for the each VPCs created
  • Add the routes for in the First VPC’s route table
  • Add the routes for in the Second VPC’s route table
  • Test the connectivity between two VPCs


Create VPC in N.Virginia Region | In VPC Setting Name: Dclessons-prod-VPC | CIDR : | Click Create VPC.

Under Subnet | Select VPC: Dclessons-Prod-VPC | Subnet name: DCLESSONS-PROD-SUBNET | AZ: us-east-1a| IPv4 CIDR:

Under Internet gateway | Create Internet Gateway: Name: Dclessons-PROD-IGW | Click Create Internet gateway

Attach this IGW to PROD VPC | Click Attach Internet gateway

Under Route table Section | Select Default Route table for this Subnet : We have renamed it to Dclessons-Default-prod-RT | Under Routes : Edit Routes.

Add routes pointing towards IGW and click Save Routes.

Now launch a Amazon EC2 instance in PROD VPC (We have already did a lot) and access it.

Now Create DEV VPC in Ohio region. Refer below figure for VPC Configuration.

Under Subnet section | Select DCLESSONS-DEV-VPC in VPC ID and Subnet name: Dclessons-DEV-Subnet | AZ: us-east-2a | Subnet

Now Launch an EC2 instance in DEV VPC (We have already did a lot).

Now under same region Ohio, Select Transit gateway | Click create transit gateway

Under create transit gateway Name: Dclessons-DEV-ohio-TGW, keep all option default and click create transit gateway.

Now we will create Transit Gateway Attachments, click to create Transit gateway attachments

In Create Transit Gateway attachments section | Name: TGW-DEV-VPC and select Transit GW ID: Dclessons-DEV-ohio-TGW and attachments type: VPC. | Select VPC DCLESSONS-DEV-VPC and its related subnet.

Now we will see Transit Gateway Route tables, here we will use Default Transit GW RT and we have renamed it TGW-DEV-Default-RT for DEV TGW. Select that Route Table | Select Association, here you can see association has been done and propagation has been enabled.

Now Click on Routes, you will see that routes is installed in TGW-DEV-Default-RT.


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