GCP APP Engine Overview

GCP APP Engine Overview

Google APP Engine

Google App Engine is designed to run applications in language specific environments. APP Engine is a Platform –as-service (PaaS) offering, which is used to get your application running with Google Cloud. This Engine is suitable for Web, Mobile, IOT Applications. Various language like Node.js, Java, C#, Ruby, Go, Python and PHP are supported.

Application in App engine can be secured with firewall, IAM roles, SSL Certificate and can be scanned for common vulnerabilities using Web Security Scanner Service. 

App Engine come with two modes: App Engine Standard and App Engine Flexible.

App Engine Components:

App Engine Standard Application have following four components:

  • Application
  • Service
  • Version
  • Instance

An App Engine Application is a high level resource created in project and each project can have one App Engine application. All resources associated with an App Engine app are created in the region specified when app is created.

Apps can have multiple services or can have at least one Service, each services are structured to perform Single function. A Complex application is made of multiple services called micro services. One Micro Service may handle API request from data access, while another micro services perform authentication and third records data for billing purpose.

A service can have multiple versions. We can say that each service consists of code and if we have done slight change in code, we will have different version of service. New version incorporates new features, bug fixes, and other changes relative to earlier versions.

Service are defining by source code and their configuration file. The combination of those files constitute a version of App.

Below figure explains Component hierarchy of App Engine Applications.

Choosing Right Location

Applications in App Engine are deployed regionally, means that the infrastructure that is used to host it is spread across zones with in regions for high Availability.  For this Application must know the location of end users so that specific region must be selected.


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