LAB Limiting Bandwidth With Traffic Shaping

LAB Limiting Bandwidth With Traffic Shaping

LAB Limiting Bandwidth With Traffic Shaping

In this lab we will learn how to use Traffic Shaping on your FortiGate to limit the bandwidth for a specific IP address, when a particular IP address uses too many resources. This task also explains how to configure traffic shaping to set a maximum bandwidth limit for uploads and/or downloads to 300 kb/s.

Task :

  • Enable Traffic Shaping from Feature Set.
  • You have to limit the traffic shaping for IP
  • Create Traffic Shaper for above IP to use MAX BW 300KB/S and guaranteed BW is 100KB/S
  • Creating Two Traffic Shaping Policy : For first Policy with shared shaper and reverse shaper as high priority and for second policy shared shaper and reverse shaper as limited bandwidth created earlier.

Solution :

Step1: Enabling Traffic Shaping

Go to System > Feature Select and under Additional Features you enable Traffic Shaping.

Creating a firewall address:

Go to Policy & Objects > Addresses here you define the address you would like to limit. Select Create New and select Address from the drop down menu which will look like below.

Configuring a traffic shaper to limit bandwidth

Go to Policy & Objects > Traffic Shapers and select Create New and define a new shared Traffic Shaper profile.

Shared shapers affect upload speeds, Reverse shapers affect download speeds, and Per IP shapers affect both upload and download speeds simultaneously.


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