Fortigate Routing Concepts

Fortigate Routing Concepts

Posted on Jan 13, 2020 (0)

Fortigate Routing Concepts

Fortigate supports following Routing Method:

  • Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing : RIP , OSPF, BGP
  • Policy Routing

Static Routing:

Static Routing can be configured for all remote Network with user want to end traffic to those network via fortigate.

This can be achieved by following method:

Select Network | Static Routes | Create New

In advance option you can also select the Priority, which helps to select the Priority routes when become same distance, routes with lower priority will be preferred first.

Policy Routing:

Policy Routing allow us to do  routing based on policy configured and is based on certain parameters like protocol used, Source Network , input interface etc.

This can be achieved by following method:

Select Network | Policy Routes | Create New

Configuring Dynamic Routing Protocols: OSPF

When you are planning to configure the OSPF in fortigate, the following option you have to select:

  • Router ID : For OSPF ID in neighbor list
  • AREA: On which Area you want to use the network and interface.
  • Network: List of network in respective areas.
  • Interface: List of interface that you want to participate with OSPF
  • Redistribution: Redistribute the OSPF routes to other routing protocols


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