Cross Region Azure Load Balancer

Cross Region Azure Load Balancer

Cross Region Load Balancer 

Azure Load Balancer supports Cross-Region Load Balancing for geo-redundant High Available use cases like: 

  • When Incoming traffic is from multiple regions. 
  • For Instant global failover to next optimal regional deployment
  • In order to load distribute traffic across regions to the closest Azure region with ultra-latency.
  • Static Anycast global IP address 
  • Client IP reservation 

The Frontend IP configuration of your Cross-region load balancer is static and is advertised across most of the Azure regions. 

Here note that , the backend port of the load balancer rule on cross-region load balancer should match the frontend port of the load balancing rule/inbound NAT rule on regional standard load balancer. 

Regional Redundancy

Regional redundancy can be configured by adding a global frontend IP address to your existing load balancers. 

If one region fails , the traffic is routed to the next closest healthy regional load balancer. The health probe of the cross-region load balancer gathers information about availability every 20 seconds. 


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