Non IP Forwarding Traffic Flow

Non IP Forwarding Traffic Flow

Non IP Forwarding Traffic Flow

This section explains how two system communicates with each other over BGP-EVPN if they don’t have IP address and they still communicate over Mac address with the help of BGP-EVPN.

Below is the topology used for NON IP traffic forwarding?

When IP address is absent, BGP EVPN relies on only the MAC information to make the forwarding decisions and MAC-layer information is distributed within the given VXLAN-enabled network through the BGP EVPN control protocol. Blow table explains how BGP-EVPN control plane will be populated.

Packet flow for non-IP between Host A and Host C is discussed here. Endpoint Host A generates data traffic with the SMAC address 0000.3100.1001 with destination Host C DMAC 0000.3100.1003.Once the packet reaches at VTEP V1, a destination lookup is performed [20001, 0000.3100.1003]. Based on the lookup result VXLAN encapsulation is performed, and the packet is sent toward VTEP V3 with the VXLAN VNI 20001.

Once packet is received at VTEP V3, packet is decapulated and is forwarded to Host C after further lookup at Mac address table and similar would be reverse traffic from Host C to Host A.


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