VXLAN with Anycast RP & PIM

VXLAN with Anycast RP & PIM

VXLAN with Anycast RP and PIM

We know that L2VNI specific layer 2 BUM traffic is forwarded by following ways in VXLAN fabric:

  • Via Underlay network Multicast routing
  • Via Ingress-replication , in which copy of each ingress L2BUM frame is sent as unicast to every VTEP participating in same L2VNI.

In this chapter we will learn , VXLAN on PIM Multicast routing with Anycast-RP .

Below is the Topology used to explain the VXLAN on Multicast . Where Spine-11 and Spine-12 shares the Same Anycast-RP ( rendezvous Point ) IP address and belong to same Anycast-RP Set, that uses Loopback 200 IP.

On both Spine ,additional loopback is also configured and are uses to identify as Anycast-RP group member. These Both IP address must be reachable from all switches.

Now Lets understand the configuration of Anycast-RP Multicast Routing Solution.

Step1: Configure Anycast-RP Cluster on both Spine Switches

  • Enable PIM on both Spine Switches
  • Configure Loopback 200 for Anycast-RP on both Switches
  • Enable PIM and OSPF on these Interfaces.

feature pim                                                                                                                                                               !                                                                                                                                                                                interface loopback200                                                                                                                                              description ** Anycast-RP address **                                                                                                                      ip address                                                                                                                                ip router ospf UNDERLAY-NET area                                                                                                            ip pim sparse-mode

Step2: Assign Cluster Member IP and define Members on Spine Switches

  • Configure Unique Cluster member IP for each Anycast-RP Cluster member.
  • Enable PIM-SM and OSPF on it.


interface loopback11                                                                                                                                                description ** Unique Address for Anycast-RP **                                                                                                    ip address                                                                                                                                  ip router ospf UNDERLAY-NET area                                                                                                            ip pim sparse-mode                                                                                                                                                  !                                                                                                                                                                                ip pim anycast-rp                                                                                                ip pim anycast-rp

Step3: Configure Group-Specific Rendezvous Point RP to all Switches

ip pim rp-address group-list

Now below topology shows rest of the device configured IP address , which will be used in rest of the Topic.

Once this all pre-requisite is done , your Anycast-RP configuration is nor ready and underlay network is capable of forwarding L2BUM Traffic.

Now lets configure the user VLAN , named VLAN 10 , which is attached to VNI 10000 on both of the VTEP . the Multicast Group is also attached to VNI 10000 under NVE ( Network Virtualization Edge) interface. These configuration is to be done on both VTEP switches , VTEP-101 , VTEP-102.


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