Aruba Wireless Opportunities

Aruba Wireless Opportunities

Aruba Wireless Opportunities

In order to look for Aruba Wireless opportunities, we have to find answers of customer wireless environment in order to know and position Aruba products more easily.

We need to find the following characteristics for target customer:

  • What is the customer wire and wireless infrastructure?
  • If customer is using the existing 802.11 a/b/g or 802.11 n/ac wireless environment
  • How wired network is affecting wireless performance
  • How is wireless coverage across indoor and outdoor area?
  • Re customer facing dropped calls and other issue that is affecting business or employee productivity
  • What user device are being used in customer environment in order to access network and applications
  • How mobile employee / guests / partner are, who are using wireless network
  • Are business critical network is being accessed over wireless network
  • Any Plan to implement IOT or smart Work Spaces.

These are some question which must be answered by customer in order to understand customer pain area and existing network.

Below are following use case across business verticals which will bring opportunities to position Aruba wireless products and solutions.


Education customer needs solutions such as:

  • High Performance Wireless & Wireless connectivity
  • Simple & Centralized Management for entire campus or multiple campus
  • Coverage for roaming
  • Scalability for classrooms & dorm buildings
  • Always-On connectivity for higher education
  • BYOD and IOT


Hospitality customers want to differentiate by:

  • To provide best guest Wi-Fi experiences
  • Seamless coverage across resorts with in each corner of room
  • Provide secure guest WI-FI management
  • Enable digital platform for increased staff productivity


  • Retail companies need following
  • A secure network for customer data with POS systems
  • Secure Multitenant network for reliable retail and operations with supporting guest connectivity
  • High speed connectivity within and across a network of many stores & retail suppliers
  • Effective network management for limited IT staff & budgets


Healthcare customer have very unique requirement that include following

  • Increase mobility and easy access to patient data to boost hospital staff productivity and agility
  • Ensure security and integrity of patient and healthcare data through automated, policy-based management and segmentation
  • Provide high-performance guest and patient Wi-Fi access 24/7
  • Provide secure, high-density Wi-Fi across every BYOD and IoT device
  • Develop a flexible network platform for adopting new innovations such as connected medical devices, IoT, and UCC apps

Outdoor/Industrial Wi-Fi

Outdoor campuses, large public venues, ports, and warehouses have unique requirements that can create challenges for Wi-Fi, such as:

  • Heavy equipment and structures (such as metal racks and containers) that interfere with radio frequency (RF)
  • High dust loads from cardboard in warehouses and loading docks
  • Temperature control in warehouses or outdoor areas
  • Particulate loading/spray residue in shop floors and ports
  • Water spray in areas that are hosed down for cleaning
  • Extreme temperatures in industrial areas or freezers


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