SD-Access Controller layer & Mgmt layer

SD-Access Controller layer & Mgmt layer

Controller Layer:

Now we will discuss about another layer of SD-Access which is called as Controller Layer. The Controller layer provides all required services and management subsystems to Management layer. Below figures describes the Controller layer.

There are three main controller layers subsystems:

Cisco NCP:

The Cisco NCP is referred as Cisco Network Controller platform, which integrates directly with Cisco ISE and NDP subsystems to provide contextual information among them via various API based exchanges mechanism as well as automated certificate exchange for partner systems.

All Cisco NCP software is included with Cisco DNA center Appliance. Below figure shows Cisco NCP embedded within Cisco DNA Center.

NCP provides fabric automation and Orchestration services to physical layer and communicates with Cisco Network Devices via verify of forms including NETCONF/YANG, SNMP , SSH or Telnet.

Cisco NCP provides two primary services in Cisco DNA center.

Cisco DNA Design: which provides base level workflow, Site profile, maps, floorplans, network setting, IP address Mgmt., Wireless.

Cisco DNA Provision: This provides SD-Access Workflows, like device provisioning, fabric domains, device roles, host onboarding.

Other than that some other Services are also facilitated by NCP.

  • Device Discovery
  • Device Inventory
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Path Trace
  • Easy QOS
  • EN Services Automation

Cisco NDP:

Cisco Network Data Platform is a new data collection and analytics subsystems, integrated directly in to the DNA software and is included in Cisco DNA Center Appliance.

Shown below is the Cisco NDP embedded with in Cisco DNA Center.

The main work of NDP is to provide all data collection, analytics and assurance services for physical layer and network layer. It collect multiple information from network devices using variety of forms like Syslog, SNMP, Netflow, and SPAN. It also collects and uses the contextual information shared from ISE and NCP.

Once Data is collected, NDP then analyzes and correlates various events across all of these different sources and learns about historical trends and thus provides this contextual information back to NCP and ISE and finally provides network operational status and other information back to Management layer.

NDP provides Cisco DNA Assurance services as a primary services in Cisco DNA center.


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