Integration with Partner Ecosystems

Integration with Partner Ecosystems

Integration with Partner Ecosystems

DNA Center used in SD-Access provides rich set of API due to which it can be integrated with large number of different network devices as well as third party applications systems.

API in SD-Access solution falls in three categories.

  • Device API : Helps in direct access to configure and perform operational functions on individual network devices because devices based on IOS-XE provides API which are based on OpenConfig , YANG, Cisco native API model are exposed via netConf, and gRPC interface.
  • DNA Center API: DNA center provides REST API for network wide automation and orchestration. With the help of this REST AP, DNA Center expose operational data present in Client 360, Device 360, Application 360 views along with issues, trends and insights.
  • ISE API: With this, it gathers rich contextual data about users and device access policies, Authentication and authorization events. It also allows policy related configuration automation, provides pxGrid for rich integration and more than 80 ecosystem partner Integration.

Following are the Ecosystems that can be integrated with DNA Center.

IP address Management (Info block or Bluecoat) through IPAM-API Integration. DNA Center Imports IP address defined in IPAM tool which will be used in SD-Access Fabric.

  • Cisco Network Services Orchestrator.
  • Firewalls like ASA , FTD , Non Cisco Firewalls like Checkpoints
  • Security Analytics like Stealth watch.


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