Flat Network & External Network

Flat Network & External Network

Posted on Jan 13, 2020 (0)

Flat Network & External Network


  • Create a Flat shared Network name dclessons-sha-flat1 with subnet name dclessons-flatsubnet4 for subnet
  • Create a Flat external network name dclessons-ext-flat2 with subnet name dclessons-extsubnet5 for subnet


Flat network is another network type supported by OpenStack, it is very much useful when tenant network isolation is not mandatory and it also access to centralized storage for all instance using dedicated physical interface.

To create Falt network we have to edit the ml2_conf.ini file with following commands.

[root@localhost ~(keystone_admin)]# sudo nano /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini

Now press Ctrl+W to search ml2 and edit the following marked in bold

#tenant_network_types = local
tenant_network_types = vxlan,vlan,gre,flat

Again press Ctrl+W and search ml2_type_flat and edit the following:

flat_networks = external

Now once done , restart the neuton service.

[root@localhost ~(keystone_admin)]# sudo service neutron-server restart
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart neutron-server.service
[root@localhost ~(keystone_admin)]#

Now we are going to create the flat shared and flat external network as per following screen shots:
Go to Admin | System | Networks. And Click on the + Create Network and provide the details and click on shared network icon.

Now click on this subnet and edit the subnet

No we will create the flat network for external network. Here we will follow the same steps:

Now click on this subnet and edit the subnet

Summery of all network created:


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