ODL Installation & Deployment

ODL Installation & Deployment

ODL Installation & Deployment

In this chapter we will learn how to deploy ODL Virtual appliance as standalone server on VMWARE.

Following are the prerequisites to install ODL as virtual appliance.

  • VMWARE Workstation or Oracle Virtual Box
  • SCP or FileZilla client
  • Web-browser
  • Postman API ( Chrome integrated )

When we are going to install the ODL as virtual machine then each VM must have following configuration.

  • vCPU : 4 GB
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Storage 60 GB

As ODL is based on JAVA so we will be almost using Linux-based OS to host and run ODL. You can use Ubuntu Server 16.4 LTS as OS for running ODL.

Java Runtime Environment JRE needs to be installed on VM , Minimum Java version 1.8 is required for Boron release.

Now download the latest version of ODL from

Select version: distribution-karaf-0.5.1-Boron-SR1 and download. iyt can be zip or .gz file.

Standalone Installation:

Create the Virtual Machine for Ubuntu Server and enable SSH as well. You can even download the Ubuntu machine from and use following credential to login:

Username: osboxes

while creating the new VM and select to use existing Virtual disk and select the VMDK downloaded file and after setup is complete, power on virtual machine.

Access to terminal for CMD and check the IP address and also check if you are able to ping to gateway and internet.

If needed you can edit the network setting commands with help of following commands:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

now ping the gateway and Internet. You have another option to use dhcp if you are not willing to use static IP address, Please see below.

Once change is done on the network setting then press ctr+Z and Y and Enter now you have to restart the network setting

sudo service networking restart

Once you are able to reach to internet then you have to update the linux files and upgrade all new version patches.Run following commands:


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