Layer 2 Switching in ODL

Layer 2 Switching in ODL

Posted on Jan 10, 2020 (0)

Layer 2 Switching in ODL

To enable Layer 2 switching , we have enable following module or feature in ODL .

Feature: install opendaylight-l2switch-switch

As soon as we run this command , L2 module gets installed and ODL enables OpenFlow protocol and start listening on TCP port 6633 As shown in  below figure.

Now as soon is topology is build all the OpenFlow switch will get registered to ODL via OpenFlow HELLO which is originated from OpenFlow switch to ODL controller.

The below process describes the registration method:

Now lets create another topology in which host 1 and Host 2 are connected to Virtual Switch 2 and Host 3 and Host 4 are connected to Virtual Switch 3 and Virtual switch 1 is connected to switch 2 and switch 3.This can be achieved by following command:

mininet@mininet-vm:~$ sudo mn --controller=remote,ip= --topo=tree,2 –mac

once done the following topology will be created shown in below figure

And on WEB interface of ODL it will look like this

Now once the mn command is given in mininet, it will build the topology now run pingall command make sure that all host ping to each other and with this step ODL controller will also update the Flow table on each virtual switch.

Now the topology section of the ODL will took like this via same procedure which we have discussed in last section.

As soon as ODL receives the packet, it uses the ARP handler module to process the packet and for each PACKET_IN message sent to ODL the controller needs to send a reply back to the switch to instruct what to do with that packet.

ODL also uses LLDP link layer discovery protocol to identify the hosts connected to an SDN network. To send the LLD packet ODL uses Openflow PACKET_OUT message. And this message is generated by ODL where as PACLET_IN is generated by virtual switch.


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