Docker Compose while deploying APP

Docker Compose while deploying APP

Docker Compose while deploying APP

Deploying APP with Compose:

Micro services is a feature to deploy very small small services that your main App will use. Let’s take example of any web application that is dependent of various different small services or applications like

  • Web Front-End
  • Database
  • Catalog
  • Carting
  • Delivery & Tracking

With Docker Compose, you will be able to deploy all small services that are very essential for your Web applications.

Docker compose is an external Python binary that you will install on host on which Docker engine is running. Under this you will define your APP configuration in YAML file and you will pass this YAML file to docker-compose and compose will deploy the application or services.

Installing Compose:

Docker Compose library can be installed on both Window 10 or Linux Platform. Here we will see how to deploy Compose library on Linux platform as shown below.

Below command instruct how to install Docker compose on Host running Docker engine:

Docker Compose File:

Once Docker Compose library is installed, we need to define our application under YAML file. Compose uses YAML files to define multi-service application.

The default name for Compose YAML file is docker-compose.yml.

Below is the link you can use to learn how to create YAML file and define your application under it.

We will use following code to define our application under Compose YAML file.


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