VeloCloud Feature Overview

VeloCloud Feature Overview

VeloCloud Feature Overview & Testing

Purpose of this LAB is to understand the NSX SD-WAN VeloCloud Product feature set. To understand this we will be using the NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator. When any user logs in to orchestrator, all branch where Edge are installed and its device status is shown. It also states the number of link that devices is connected and its states.

To get a better understanding of where all the edges are located click on the following:

Click on the map and zoom into the US | CA | San Jose

Let’s look at an individual location and see what detail is provided by the SD-WAN solution:

Click to select the ‘Chennai BO’ edge

You will see the Following Window: In this you will see the total number of links, which will be automatically populated, as soon as the Edge is activated. It will discover the Service Provider as well as the bandwidth of the link, including the physical port that this capacity is connected to on the edge device.

Here you can also see the performance of the Link, like its Latency, Jitter, packet loss Behavior. Click on the Link Status detail icon to explore real time link statistics

It will help to understand what the links are capable of transporting and what the impact of these conditions are on applications.

Another way to determine the link quality is to look at the Quality of Experience (QoE) rating

  • Click on the QoE tab

The screen shows the VeloCloud Quality Sore (VQS) for each of the links and rates them on a scale from 0 through 10 on how well the links perform to carry a certain type of traffic (Voice in the default case).


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