Application Delivery Services & Monitoring Service

Application Delivery Services & Monitoring Service

Application Delivery Service

Application Delivery Service in Azure helps in deliver seamless application access via below services. Content Delivery Network, Azure Front Door Service , Traffic Manager , Load Balancer , Application Gateway.

Content Delivery Network:

Azure CDN is used to get the content as closes to user or client, who want to access it. As Azure has datacenters all over the world, which provides better performance for those who are close to regional locations. Azure has 120 + Point of Presence (POPs), which have edge servers that cache the content, based on client request.

CDN is very much used for below purpose:

  • Large Video files
  • Large Audio Files
  • Any content that is of Multiple Megabytes.

 Below are some additional features provided by Azure CDN

  • CDN Caching rules
  • Geo Filtering
  • File Compression
  • Dynamic Site Acceleration.

Below figure describes the CDN workflow

Azure Front Door Service :

Azure Front Door is Microsoft’s modern cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides fast, reliable, and secure access between your users and your applications’ static and dynamic web content across the globe. Azure Front Door delivers your content using the Microsoft’s global edge network with hundreds of global and local POPs distributed around the world close to both your enterprise and consumer end users.

Azure Front Door is newly developed Networking products, which provides below features and service.

  • URL based Routing
  • SSL termination
  • Session Affinity
  • Multisite Hosting
  • URL redirection
  • Custom Domains and Certificate Management
  • Application Layer Security
  • URL Rewrite.


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