Understanding Key Datacenter Technologies and Solutions

Understanding key Datacenter technologies and Solutions: As we have growing in technologies, we are moving towards innovation and enhancement around all technologies in very fast manner, and same applies to Datacenter technologies. From Traditional

SDN Protocols

SDN is Open Flow - General Myth Reality: OpenFlow is the protocol that allows the SDN controllers to communicate with the forwarding plane of network devices. It is considered one of the first software-defined networking (SDN) standards. An SDN Controller

AWS Introduction

Introduction to AWS Welcome to this course on AWS Essentials! Here you will first learn about Cloud Computing and its characteristics. Then you will understand ***What is AWS, its application and usage***. Following that you will learn

Introduction to SDN

Introduction to SDN The main idea behind SDN is to separate control and data plane and to make networks agile and flexible. SDN is a trend that is gaining importance with established vendors such as Brocade, Cisco, HP, and VMware. We can briefly see

What is Networking?

What is Networking? But before that do you have an understanding of what network is all about? If yes, well and good. If it is a no, then let's check this video. Networking - Interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional